Gunnar Kortenbach⎪NYC Artist and Designer

Gunnar Kortenbach


The Cooper Union, 2016-2020, New York, NY.

The Cooper Union is a private college that was founded in 1859 by the industrialist Peter Cooper.  To gain admittance to the School of Art, prospective students have to complete a grueling home test consisting of six conceptual art prompts.   

U.S. News & World Report ranks The Cooper Union as the #2 college in the northern region of the United States.  Newsweek ranks Cooper as the “#1 Most Desirable Small School” and the “#7 Most Desirable School” overall.

DASH, 2012-2016, Miami, FL.

Design and Architecture Senior High, or 'DASH' was ranked #21 in the Nation, #6 of the Nation’s magnet schools, and #2 in the state of Florida by U.S. News and World Report in 2016.  DASH is a Miami-Dade County Magnet School that provides a rigorous curriculum in art, design, and academics to students who are admitted through a portfolio based application process. Students at DASH graduate with 32 credits, exceeding the state required 24.

Graduated: Cum Laude on June 8, 2016

Events & Exhibitions

End of Year Show - The Cooper Union - 2018

  • 2-channel video installation Partition was displayed to much acclaim
  • The exhibition additionally featured some of my design and photography

HackNYU - 2018

  • My team received an Honorable Mention from representatives of J.P. Morgan Chase for our work on CQueue, a prototype interface for disaster responders.  
  • Linked above is an earlier iteration I coded that is purely front-end, without the data feed text-based response features.

1st Annual Cooper Union Film Festival - 2017

  • I had a short film screened at Anthology Film Archives on April 29, 2017

Work Experience

The Eyeslicer - Production Assistant - 2018

  • Facilitated the filming process for the Halloween special of this Indie TV show

The Cooper Union - Tour Guide - 2017

  • Extolled the virtues of Cooper to prospective applicants

Cherry Picked Vintage Market - Sales Associate -  2016

  • Sold antique items while assuring the customer's satisfaction

Moonlighter Lounge - Makerspace Intern - 2015

  • Oversaw daily operation of a laser cutter, CNC mill, and 3D printers
  • Managed complex fabrication projects for clients

Art Center South Florida - Camp Assistant - 2014

  • Taught art to children through various activities in a classroom setting


Miscellaneous - Digital Creative

  • Graphic Design: educated in all aspects, including branding, posters, books, infographics
  • Web Design: specializing in front-end
  • Photography: 6+ years of experience in both film and digital
  • Videography:  made numerous art films and shorts
  • Social Media: grew personal Instagram account to ~6,000 followers with ~10% engagement

Programming - Languages

  • HTML, CSS, Javascript, Swift, Arduino

Programs - Adobe

  • InDesign, Illustrator, Photoshop, XD, Premiere, Lightroom

Programs - Other

  • 3D: Maya, Blender, Sculptris, SketchUp 
  • 2D: Capture One, Affinity Photo, Affinity Designer, Keynote, Excel

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