Gunnar Kortenbach⎪NYC Artist and Designer

About Gunnar

They are a polydactyl artist and sex therapist.  Gunnar went to The Cooper Union, in New York, NY.  Their expertise extends to web design, photography, and songwriting.

Before moving to NY, Gunnar lived in Miami, Florida where they raised chickens.  They are the only 11 fingered person the vast majority of people have ever met!  Gunnar hopes to make the masses aware through their practice that there is indeed life outside the supposed gender/sexual binary and our society's base-10 thinking.

Gunnar's sex advice has been quoted in Bustle.

They showed a short film at Anthology Film Archives as part of the Cooper Union Film Festival.

Some of their photography has been purchased for commercial use by SEE Eyewear.

Gunnar's likeness has been featured for fashion prowess in NYLON Magazine and Thread Report.  They have also been seen on the social media of SEE Eyewear, The Cooper Union, and The Cooper Union's website, in addition to being published in Cooper's Alumni magazine.

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