Pumpkin Doll Autumn

Playing with the memetic social media trope 'Christian Girl Autumn,' this photo series captures the moment that fall aesthetics intersect with the queer bodies inhabiting the Myrtle/Broadway area of Brooklyn. 

Something new is in the air as the Dolls and Barbs begin their autumnal dance, cold brew in hand. Seasons greetings, dolls. 

This editorial content was used on social media as a subtle promotion for my solo show Soft Powers, which was opening at 41 Cooper Gallery later that week.

Creative Direction

The photography was a collaboration with my graphic designer friend Diego Herrera, they took my portrait under my creative direction. Diego's shots were based off of a moodboard I made of iconic Autumn genre photos and poses to fit the affective thematics of the Christian Girl look. 

Living the Meme

The centerpiece of the photo series, the classic crosslegged smile with sunhat beneath a tree with falling leaves pose, is transposed onto the grimy infrastructure of the Myrtle/Broadway aboveground station in a metropolitan twist. Fall leaves become garbage bags and the park is now a corner deli. The situation is only enhanced when a local man arrives at the shoot for a friendly chat and to participate in the photos.


In addition to creative direction of the content I also styled the whole outfit, which includes classic pumpkin-spiced staples like the fuzzy beige cable knit sweater, earth tone designer handbag, artfully worn blue jeans, and vintage straw sunhat with dried flower ribbon bow. The light really glows on them and every photo is made cozy and warm, bringing tidings of a very cheery Christian Doll Autumn.


Overall this was a very successful social media campaign. In addition to being seasonal and culturally relevant, the post greatly helped in the promotion of my thesis show's gallery opening later that week. My friends and followers loved seeing a funny twist on an iconic fall aesthetic, and it was shared very widely by influential social media users in New York City and beyond.

While many campaigns are measured by numbers and figures, what was so special about this one was the social effects. The rest of my stay in Brooklyn that season people I encountered told me how much they enjoyed the photos, with one person referring to the look as 'Pumpkin Girl Autumn.' I couldn't be happier with the results!

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